Regime Change Starts At Home

Image of Regime Change Starts At Home

$14.99 - On Sale

July 4. The day Americans celebrate their freedom. Unless, of course, you want to criticize the President. Then you get arrested.

That’s what happened to Jeffery and Nicole Rank, a Texas couple who on July 4, 2004, made the mistake of believing that the capitol grounds of the state of West Virginia actually fell within the realm protected by the First Amendment.

Ms. Rank wore a shirt with a picture of President Bush that read “Regime Change Starts at Home.” Her husband wore a similarly “illegal” shirt. They were, of course, arrested.

The Ranks had the last laugh, however, when the Federal Government agreed to pay them $80,000 to settle the case.

Yet the Ranks are still waiting for that regime change. Help the cause with your very own version of this T-shirt.

It’s on sale right now for only $14.99—and $1 of the proceeds goes to the American Civil Liberties Union.