Free the Jena 6

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Equal protection under the law. It’s guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, but in some places, that doesn’t seem to matter. Jena, Louisiana is one of those places.

In Jena, a group of young black men admittedly committed a crime, but the charges they faced seemed to be based more on the color of their skin than on the nature of their crimes.

When a group of students at the local high school tried to show their support through the simple act of wearing a T-shirt, the superintendent said that the shirts were “threat to the order of the campus.” So he just ignored the pesky little First and Fourteenth Amendments and banned the shirts!

Show your support for Free Speech and Civil Rights by wearing your own “Free the Jena 6” T-shirt.

This shirt is now on sale for only $14.99—and $2.50 from the sale of each shirt will be donated to the Jena 6 Defense Committee.