2245 Dead. How Many More?

Image of 2245 Dead.  How Many More?

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That wacky Cindy Sheehan. First, she has the gall to be upset that her son was killed in Iraq.

Then, she goes to President Bush’s 2006 “State of the Union Address” as an invited guest of a Member of Congress. There, she made the tragic mistake of wearing a shirt that said “2245 Dead. How Many More?” She was arrested, of course.

Doesn’t she understand that the Halls of Congress are simply not an appropriate place for ordinary Americans to voice their concerns about the affairs of our government. What does she think this is? A democracy?

By the way, by current administration estimates, the death toll is now up to 3834 human beings. Plus a couple of hundred thousand Iraqis.

Help put an end to this crap.

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